Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Happy Haven a state facility?
    Happy Haven is not a state facility but is a licensed, private residential child care agency. In our history, we first began as an orphanage and later became a residential care facility that took mostly state-placed children at that time. However, our current focus and purpose is to provide services to help children and families avoid having to turn to state care.

  • What is involved in making a referral for placement?
    Anyone can call our office with any questions about Happy Haven and our services. The next step in the process is for the parent or guardian to fill out the application form that is available from our office or from our website. We will study the information submitted and call to discuss whether our services are appropriate for the child’s needs. If we agree that a placement might be possible, we will then set up an appointment for the both family and child to come in for an interview with our administrator, case worker and house parents. Additional information may be requested. We cannot accept every applicant, but we strive to help every child whose needs match our services. After the interview, the staff will discuss the information and contact the family later with an answer. If it is agreed to place the child here, the staff and the family will also agree upon the date for entry.

  • How much does it cost to refer and to place a child to you?
    There is no cost to make a referral or to set up an interview. However, if it is decided to place a child with us, we will work with parent or guardian to determine how much they can afford to donate monthly toward the expenses of caring for the child. Our ability to continue to serve children and to cover the costs depends on the parent or guardian sharing in the expenses. However, we will not turn a child away if the parent or guardian is financially unable to share in the cost.

  • Do you receive state funds? Where does your funding come from?
    Happy Haven does not receive state funds. Area Churches of Christ provide most of the funds for our operating budget. The rest comes from individual donors, business donors, and grants.

  • What facilities are available there?
    We have three houses, an administration building, picnic pavilion, playground area and barn on approximately 40 acres. The property is located 1˝ miles off of Highway 70 on County Farm Road in northwest Cookeville, Tennessee.
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